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Womenswear: Classic and Casual Jackets and Coats / Trousers / Dresses / Skirts
Menswear: Classic, Sport, Washed and Dyed Jackets / Coats /  Trousers / Vests
Childrenswear:  Jackets /  Coats / Dresses

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Elinda-A LTD specializes in the production of clothing from high price and customer level, primarily intended for direct export.
The Company owns a portfolio of the following product ranges:

Menswear, positioned in the high customer segment - classic, sport, washed and dyed jackets, coats, trousers, vests

Womenswear, positioned in the high customer segment - classic and casual women's jackets and coats, trousers, dresses, skirts

Children's wear, positioned in the high customer segment - jackets, coats, dresses

Limited editions of extremely high quality "corporate" clothing - unique for each business customer, tailored to their individual requirements and corporate identity

Production of clothing by its own models - men's and women's jackets, coats and suits in classic and casual style mainly for the domestic market Uniform wear - men's and women's jackets

Elinda-A LTD was established in 1990 with main business activity production and marketing of high-quality men's and women's overcoats. The Company is 100% family owned.

Elinda-A LTD started its operation with a small workshop with two people only.

In 1991 the Company had already 10 employees as it managed on its own or with the assistance of other partner companies to satisfy the requirements of its current and new customers.

As a result of the growing number of customers there followed years of steady increase of the manufacturing capacity, products quality improvement and production process development.

In 2000, Elinda-A LTD moved into its own new building with a production area of 5000 m² and 140 employees.

The long experience in manufacturing of high-quality garments, the good marketing approaches and perfect management by the owners, allowed Elinda-A LTD to establish a long-term business relationship with leading European and Bulgarian companies in the garment industry.

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Production Capacity


The pricing policy ranks the Company at very important, stable and flexible position to establish, maintain and keep the contractual relationship with all customers.

At present Elinda-A LTD has engaged its manufacturing facilities for the production of men's and women's clothing, positioned in the mid to high price range.

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Visit us: Our office is located at 19 Bulgarska Aviacia Str., West Industrial Zone, ZIP 5800, Pleven, Bulgaria.