The Platform Is

  • A comprehensive fashion and apparel sourcing platform, open exclusively to trade professionals of the fashion industry and dedicated to sourcing, design, production, retail, and distribution.
  • Information-packed directory for High-End and Premium apparel and accessories manufacturers, exporters and contractors where brands, designers, and sourcing executives gain access to global resources spanning the entire supply chain.

  • A directory listing brand-name labels and manufacturers in the women’s, men's, children’s and accessory markets, as well as local and international suppliers of all type fabrics, trims, services providers and much more.

  • A matchmaker between Fashion Designers/Brands and Manufacturers/Services providers/Buyers/Retailers/Wholesalers

Who is the Platform for?

Whether you are clothing, shoes or bags manufacturer, sourcing supplier or services provider looking for new projects to extend your business, a brand willing to start producing on a bigger scale, or an emerging designer trying to find a manufacturing partner - this platform is for you.

Benefits - Why register? 



Save time finding the right people and Connect with factories, sourcing suppliers, partners, and distributors.

Save Time

Finding products and suppliers quickly and efficiently



Join an exclusive network and collaborate on exclusive projects.

What you get...

 Becoming a member of B2B MADE FOR FASHION provides access to a unique fashion community where users can benefit from extensive project management and networking features while utilizing the company’s ongoing marketing activities.

Our Mission


Make it Easy

We want to create the most up-to-date, go-to, well-formatted, and easy-to-use fashion and apparel platform, where designers and brands can easily connect with the most suited local and international manufacturers and retailers across Europe and where every business will be able to find partners and do business globally.

Help Sourcing

We want to 
  • Make sourcing easier
  • To make sure you are found when someone is looking for your services
  • To  help you to be seen in the right place, at the right time, from the right people

Boost Sales

   We want to help you sell to and forge relationships with independent boutiques, multiples, department stores and online stores

Get maximum Exposure

Access to a unique fashion community 

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